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Nikki Miles Fine Art


Landscape Basics with Pastels










July 8th and 9th, 2023     9:00 to 4:00
8:30 Visit, Bagels, Coffee, Set-up
Instructor Nikki Miles
Cost: $120
32454 Snowshoe Rd 303-818-3712

Landscapes have awed people since the beginning of time.  All of us are experts at observing the landscape, but how do we transfer that onto paper?  Luckily for us, there are tried and true techniques and methods that will help us accomplish that very thing.

We will learn:
How to creating a pleasing Composition 
How to create Depth in a painting.
What are Warm and Cool Colors and how to use them in a landscape.
The 4 parts of a landscape and the Theory of Planes and Angles.

No worries about supplies.  Bring what you have, or Nikki will have all the   supplies you will need for sale at cost or sharing.  
Pastels:   Please bring what you have or share Nikki’s
Paper:     UART sanded paper, 400 Grit,  12x18  (Amazon, Dick Blick)
                 If you have a favorite paper, please bring that or buy at the workshop.
Easels will be provided
(Color Wheel, Value Chart, Moo Eraser, Kneaded Eraser from your Intro to  
            Pastels Kit)

White painter’s tape if you have it.  


Please Bring a Lunch to Enjoy on the Patio.  
There will be bagels and coffee in the morning and wine & snacks in the afternoon.


Introduction to Pastels

June 26th and 27th, 2023     1:00 to 4:00

Instructor Nikki Miles

All supplies provided

Have you wanted to learn art but felt like you didn’t have the aptitude?  It is funny how we store memories about what we can and can’t do dating clear back to childhood.  Sometimes it was a simply as your mom didn’t put your art on the frig, or a teacher making fun of your piece.  Shame on them!  That is what kept you from continuing to explore and practice art.

Every attempt at creativity is the building block to developing artistic skills.  It is simply a process.  Learn, practice, repeat.  That is how you learned to ride a bike, cook, garden, ski, etc.  You took lessons and then practiced.  It is really that simple.

Introduction to Pastels is the perfect class for anyone starting out in art or wanting to learn about pastels.  We will learn all about the different types of pastels, types of paper as well as exploring how to make different marks.  There is no right, there is no wrong.  There is only learning.

After we play with the pastels, we will learn about the role of value in painting and practice using the new knowledge to paint a practice image.  Then we will try it again with color.



Everything you will need to learn about pastels and create a finished painting will be provided!  Just bring your curious self.


Wine and nuts plus, everyone will leave with a bag of goodies to help you on your artistic journey, a completed small painting and the confidence to keep learning and practicing.        


Painting Trees with Pastels

August 17th, 2023      1:00 to 4:00

12:30 Visit, Set-up  3:00 Wine

Instructor - Nikki Miles

Cost: $40



Trees are good for the soul. They’re essential to the air we breathe. And they provide a majestic example of strength and perseverance in the face of adversity.


“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.”

— Kahlil Gibran

Creating art together opens pathways that allow people to bond with others on deeper levels.  Come join other artists as we learn how to paint nature’s masterpieces. 


We will learn about:

  • Different types of trees

  • The simplicity of their shapes

  • Effective colors for shadows and light

  • Painting bare trees and trees with foliage



  • Please bring all of your supplies that you currently own…paper, pastels, etc.

  • Feel free to use the available classroom supplies: easels, aprons, pastels.

  • “Nikki’s Mercantile” will have for purchase at cost: paper, supports, sponge brushes, erasers, aprons, easels.


Under Construction


December 13, 2023


Course Description

Do you like intense bright colors as much as I do? The Fauvism

movement was the first 20th century movement in modern art and it burst forward with wonderful color and the intense use of light. Henri Matisse emerged as the leader of the group. Come join us as we learn about this short but important art movement and try our hand at creating a painting with emotional colors.


As with all of my classes, the first hour is devoted to learning and trying the topic for the month, but the second and third hours leave you free to paint in any style and any topic you love! I will provide one on one instruction during that time.



No worries about supplies. Bring what you have, or Nikki will have all the supplies you will need for sale at cost.


Pastels: Please bring what you have or share the club's pastels

Paper: UART sanded paper, 400 Grit, 12x18 (Amazon, Dick Blick)

Please bring your Kit you received at the Introduction to Pastels (Color Wheel, Value Chart, Moo Eraser, Kneaded Eraser Sponge Brush and

White painter’s tape)

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