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Classes and Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

Landscape Basics

Using Pastels

July 8th and 9th      9:00 to 4:00

8:30 Visit, Bagels, Coffee, Set-up

3:30 Wine and Snacks

Instructor Nikki Miles

Cost: $120


Landscapes have awed people since the beginning of time.  All of us are experts at observing the landscape, but how do we transfer that onto paper?  Luckily for us, there are tried and true techniques and methods that will help us accomplish that very thing.


We will learn:

     How to Creating a Pleasing Composition

     How to Paint a Beautiful Sky

     How to Create Depth in a Painting.

     Warm and Cool Colors and how to use them in a landscape.

     The 4 parts of a landscape and the Theory of Planes and Angles.



Don't worry about supplies. 

Bring what you have, or Nikki will have all the supplies you will need for sale at cost or to share. 

Pastels:   Please bring what you have or share Nikki’s

           Paper: UART sanded paper, 400 Grit, 12x18  (Amazon, Dick Blick)

                       If you have a favorite paper, please bring that or buy at the                             workshop.

           Easels will be provided

           (Color Wheel, Value Chart, Moo Eraser, Kneaded Eraser from your                  Intro to Pastels Kit)

           White painter’s tape if you have it. 


Please Bring a Lunch to Enjoy on the Patio. 

Have Questions?  Nikki has answers.  Please send them to

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